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What I'm doing now | Станимир Ненов


Father, Husband, Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor, Student of Life. I’m happy when I’m able to create useful things. Also love to help others create.

What I’m doing now

I update this page every once in a while. Last update: 24 Sept, 2017.

I have a daughter! She was born in may 2017. Didn’t publicly post any pictures – this is a choice she will make. She is a brilliant, beautiful and smart girl. Felt in a deep love with her. I’m waking up at 5.30 am so I can get ahead with my workday and I can spend more time with her.

Work – things are going great. Advokatami.bg is growing and soon will own the word “Lawyer” the way Google owns “Search”. Instahost is scaling quickly, making money for its clients and providing top-notch short-term rental services. It is also evolving into a real estate investment fund. Expana and my other projects are also doing great, thanks to the talented people on board.



Update from April 2017

I’m spending these days in my home office. The rest of the team is based in Coworking Puzl. I’ve decided to take a break from the buzz there. Here I’m able to do much better deep focus work. I’m also spending more time with Mariela. We are expecting our baby girl to be born in May!

So here is the focus right now:

  • Growth Hacking at Advokatami.bg.
  • Improving some of our products to better serve our customers.
  • Finishing up the infrastructure at Expana – a company that builds companies. Want to know more or join as a product manager – email me and tell me what you’ve done.
  • Working on a few new companies, that soon will be launched by Expana. Interesting things are coming up in the Airbnb management field, E-learning, E-commerce and Consumer products.
  • New grant project for our non-profit pravatami.bg and financial sustainability of the organization.
  • Heavyweight training, running, taking cold showers, meditating and journaling.
  • Last days of baby arrival preparations.

That’s it. Feel free to contact me if you want to know me better or if you have any questions.

Email: s.n.nenov@gmail.com
Facebook: s.n.nenov
LinkedIn: snenov


Update from January 2017:

I’m in Portugal. Spending a month here. Mostly working, but also exploring and enjoying nature.

I’ve spent about 10 days on rebooting myself. Got a clear view of my life. You know – that 10,000 meters high view from the sky.

So this is where I’m focussing now:

  • Growing and redesigning Advokatami.bg. We are hiring more great talents in Q1 and Q2. Clients are happy and business is growing. This leads to more responsibility and a lot of systems to be made. I’m intensively working with the team to prepare for our 2017 scale.
  • Taking focused time and creating systems in most of my business processes. I believe that when you put good people in a great system — extraordinary things will happen. Through all my business ventures this will be a year of scale. Thus, the creation of systems is a key to success.
  • Doing social entrepreneurship at pravatami.bg. We’ll be welcoming more people on the team. We’ll be launching new exciting products so the people could easily understand and implement their legal rights. 100% financial sustainability is a must for our Non-profit initiative.
  • Preparing the foundations of a company that builds companies. Solving problems only in Bulgaria. This would be my dream come true. A well designed and optimized company that launches new ventures in various sectors. Contact me if you want to learn more.
  • Preparing to become a father. Hopefully, our baby will be born in May 2017.
  • Helping havliika.com and Mariela to hire a great product manager, marketing, and support team. Shoot me an email if you are one of those or if you know somebody.
  • Become bigger, leaner, stronger. A lot of heavyweight, beef steaks, and strict calorie intake. Fitness, health, and mindfulness are my great priority. Will keep doing morning meditation. Currently, I’m also experimenting with fast mimicking diet and exploring keto diets.
  • I’m planning to start learning the guitar when I get back to Bulgaria. And finally to buy a painting stand. I would love to paint again.
  • This year I will continue to do speaking. The first one coming up is in February at 9Academy.