30 years old. Father, Husband, Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor, Student of Life. I’m happy when I’m able to create useful things. Also, love to help others create. 

What I’m currently working on: | Tech company in the legal services industry.  We mainly help entrepreneurs to start, manage and protect their business. We also help people with personal matters – contract law, real estate matters, getting divorced, claiming a right, etc. As of the end of 2017, we are 10+ team members and 30+ lawyers. Founder and CEO. | Non-profit. Promotes legal rights and active citizenship for 200,000 monthly users. We also do online and offline legal education courses. Founder and Chairman.

Anagami | Easy and affordable accounting for small businesses. With we have 50% stake of that business. We’re helping with the scale-up. As of the end of 2017, Anagami has 15+ talented accountants serving 250+ clients. Board member and co-owner.

Airbnb Guide | I wrote a little book on how to run a profitable Airbnb business and earn a passive income from real estate. Check it out >

Value investing | I invest in the USA market. I am a student of the value investing school (Warren Buffett being the most famous value investor). 

Previous work:

Instahost | Short-term rental (Airbnb) management company. With my business partner decided to scale down the company where we manage only our own apartments in the portfolio.

Havliika | e-commerce for custom beach towels. Profited 4 years from the business and sold it to our towel producer. Currently, we help him with consulting on e-commerce.

What else?

I try to read a lot. Mainly non-fiction. Mainly on Kindle. I’m a believer in the developing of different mental models, so I try to read and grasp the fundamental ideas in topics such as physics, philosophy, history, biology, evolution, technology, economics, psychology, finance, math, etc.

I play tennis every time a get a chance to. And I make sure a get a chance at least 2 times a week.

I try to stay productive and work smart, so I can work less and have more time with my family. Actually, I consider “working” as doing things out of necessity. I love what I do on daily basis, so I guess I don’t have a lot of work.

Would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch with me:

Facebook: s.n.nenov
LinkedIn: snenov